Why even your favorite politicians got ‘money for wars but can’t feed the poor’

When you set out to change the world and recruit others into that process, there are two big categories of conversations you often end up having:

1. ‘How does the world actually work’ and ‘how can it be changed’ or

2. ‘How do we trick, convince, cajole, bribe, or force people into making a better world?’

Sadly, it seems that with each passing year more and more people are only interested in or only capable of having that second type of conversation. …

Crises in the World, Crises in the Empire, and Crises in Legitimacy

Titus Kaphar, “Enough About You”

In the days following the fascist attack on the Capitol Greg Carr commented,

“The more I think about it, the more I have the feeling that America finally broke in the last week. I don’t mean that it was ever “fixed.” I mean that its white frame finally cracked beyond sustainability under its own weight. That isn’t a thing to lament. Quite the opposite.”

Right now everyone who’s working or even hoping for a better future has got to ask themselves — am I trying to paint a new picture or find a new fix for that old frame? …

Of All Possible Horrors, Why These?

There are seemingly endless websites, newspapers, documentaries, docudramas, podcasts and more these days that fill peoples’ lives with true stories of the crimes of this system — from heinous crimes that might only affect one or a handful of individuals to crimes so vast that they shape all of society. Meanwhile many people who see that things need to change to one degree or another are looking for deeper answers, watching whole youtube channels and reading tomes, PDFs, and manifestos, trying to understand some of the deeper structures of society.

But where do these two things meet? If you become…

As the US reigns supreme as the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, much of what is obscured about the US economy in normal times has been laid bare and new dynamics have been set in motion. Many are legitimately pointing out that minimum wage laborers play a more essential role than they are given credit for, providing much more value than what they are paid for. There is definitely truth to this. With unprecedented numbers of people facing unemployment and ever-shifting definitions of essential workers, millions are being held hostage between exposure to the virus on the one hand, and…

AKA Liberal Pragmatism: the Respectable Way to Lose Everything

Polka the possum plays dead when she senses danger. This works when a fox approaches, sees it and passes by. But what about when Polka finds herself in front of a car speeding down a highway? Good thing that people aren’t possums — we have more than one trick, we can dream of more than just survival, and through science, work and social struggle we can make that dream a reality.

There has been quote after quote in mainstream media editorials since Super Tuesday about why older black voters are so loyal to Joe Biden. The stories are confined to…

The particular genius of Kasi Lemmons’ Harriet lies in its demystification of slavery and freedom, and showcasing the agency of individuals within the constraints, compulsions and clashes of capitalism and the slave system.

The conversation surrounding Harriet has largely been dominated by false and bad faith accusations of white savior narratives, complaints about casting a Black British actor in the starring role, and whether the plot was formulaic and uninspired (which considering the lack of similar films, seems quite difficult to pull off). Those conversations are worse than useless. Let’s get real.

Even many of the most well-known great Black…

Reflections on the #FlagBurningChallenge Three Years Later and the Relationship Between Defeating Fascism and Making Revolution.

Last week, Trump visited Narendra Modi in India, spoke in front of 100,000 Hindu supremacists, and visited Delhi amidst a pogrom which murdered 40 Muslims, injured hundreds more and burned down a mosque. The Indian police were overwhelmingly complicit, and the stage was set for that by the recent stripping of citizenship of potentially millions of Muslims across India. Upon Trump’s return he set up a “Denaturalization Section” within the Justice Department with a wide mandate. He’s been promising to do this since before…

One-dimensional theories serving political paralysis vs a scientific understanding and a strategy that could win

“Field on Winter” Vincent Van Gogh

“I watch America. I watch its motives. We are a force for good in the world, not a force for evil,” Mr. Pompeo said.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

“Anarchism’s strength and potential stems from conflict with the state by black, brown, and indigenous populations, and our ethics.” — Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

“Many people seem to think it foolish, even superstitious, to believe that the world could still change for the better. And it is true that in winter it is sometimes so bitingly cold that one is tempted to say, ‘What…

New Amsterdam was the first European colony on what is now Manhattan. Even as the Dutch and their diverse subjects stole land from the Lenape, they built a remarkably tolerant and cosmopolitan colony. It became a commercial hub with immigrants from all over Europe as well as from parts of Asia and Africa, mixing and competing together on a relatively even playing field. As it grew and changed hands and eventually, reluctantly, became a part of the United States, this area retained this culture and this economic role to a significant degree, even through demographic changes and major developments nationally…

Highly Recommended: “Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet” by Yasha Levine

It would be a reckless oversimplification to call the internet a massive weapon of the ruling class. That may have been where it began to develop, and it may be a core component of its functionality down to today, but it is so much more. After reading Yasha Levine’s book it’s clear that one thing the internet is NOT is the great equalizer that it’s been sold as. …

Mark Tinkleman

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